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Beginner's Meditation Workshop

My first Beginner's Meditation Workshop is tomorrow! I am excited, I am nervous, I am feeling all the things right now.

This workshop is hopefully my answer to teaching meditation. If you've been following me, you know that I started a 6-week Beginner's Meditation Course back in July, and it flopped. Miserably. I failed. Rather than wallowing in my despair or sitting with my feelings of nonsuccess, I was guided to regroup. I was reminded that this is what I am supposed to do, this is part of my path- we just have to figure out how to make it happen.

As Matt and I were driving to South Lake Tahoe one day, my guides came again and suggested I do a one-day workshop. I immediately knew this was the answer, and I was going to at least try. I've done all the work to get to this point (including getting certified to teach meditation), I just needed to break through this wall I have that tells me I'm not good enough, or that I have nothing to offer the world when I know I do.

I could feel in my bones that this was the answer. So I re-wrote my curriculum to be a one-day workshop instead of 6 weeks. I removed a lot of things that I personally didn't feel were necessary. And I put it on the calendar.

I was also told that I need to start doing these workshops in person, so I will be doing that as well. After November, I will look into scheduling my first in-person workshop. It will be the same curriculum as the online workshop, just in-person.

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