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Meditation Class Update

Good morning everyone! I wanted to share an update on meditation classes.

As y'all know, I started my first 6 week beginner's meditation course on July 7. This is something I have felt called to do, but never quite felt like I was ready for. The message that I kept receiving from my guides was to just start. So, throwing caution to the wind (so to speak), I set a date.

To my surprise, people actually signed up! 3/4 of them were people I didn't know! Well, shoot, then I was absolutely committed to making it happen, right?

Everything went great for the first few weeks. I was a bit awkward in front of the camera, my guided meditations needed a bit of work, but it was going well!

Week 4, I was overwhelmed with things that didn't involve class. My grandmother had transitioned to whatever comes after "life", my cats were sick, and I was swamped with commitments after my day job. Thursday morning came, and I slept through my alarm. I awoke about five minutes before class was scheduled, and made the decision to cancel. Looking back, I don't know if I made the right decision or not... but that was the decision I made and I had to inform my students at the last possible minute. I know some people didn't see the email right away because I got notices that they were trying to log into the classroom.

Regrouping, I made sure I was completely prepared for week 5. I combined the information from weeks 4/5 and we had a great class! Things were looking up.

Week 6 came, and once again I was completely swamped in the evenings and had meetings that were running late which made it impossible for me to have class the next morning. I ended up cancelling that last class. I made the decision right then and there that I wasn't going to continue doing meditation classes until I knew I would be able to fulfill my commitment to my students. I cancelled my next 6 week class, as well.

Since that time, I have prayed and meditated on how to continue to offer this service to people who would like to learn. The message I received was that I should condense this 6 week course into a one-time course. This literally felt like a lightbulb had went off for me. I have such a busy lifestyle that the 6 week course was actually... burdensome. I hate to say that, but it's true. After just a couple of weeks it was... hard to keep up.

SO. With that said, this is the plan: I am going to re-write my course so that it can be done in one sitting. There will be extras included, like pre-recorded meditations, and I will continue providing all attendees with a recording of the session they attended, that they can keep forever. This course will always be free, but attendees must sign up beforehand. I would like to do this course at least once a month and will always do it on a different day of the week and at different times. It will always be done on Zoom, but I do hope to offer an in-person class as well, eventually.

I'm excited to be able to continue to teach. This is so important to me, so I am grateful for everyone that has stuck out this process with me.

What do you think about the new structure of this class? Are you interested in signing up to be notified when classes are scheduled? Let me know in the comments below!

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