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Now You Can Earn Reiki Rays!

What are "Reiki Rays", you ask?

I LOVE my clients (that's you!), so I have created a loyalty program called Reiki Rays where you can earn Reiki Rays (points) - or simply "Rays"- for every purchase you make, or for just signing up!

At this time, members can earn Rays by:

  • Signing up = 20 Rays

  • Booking a Reiki Session = 50 Rays!

  • Sign up for a subscription = one Ray for every dollar spent!

Rewards start to be redeemable at only 100 Rays! If you save your Rays, you can actually redeem them for a free Reiki Session here at my home in Gardnerville, NV where I am still practicing.

I will be adding more rewards and ways to earn Rays as time goes on, so stay tuned!

You can sign up to start earning here:

The Grateful Lotus is a passionate Reiki and Meditation organization, founded in 2021 in Gardnerville Nevada. It is our passion and mission to help the world heal from the inside out- spirit, mind, and body.

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