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Choose the Plan that Works For You

  • Best Value

    Reiki Gold

    Every month
    Recurring Monthly Membership
    • Pay for 4 Reiki Sessions, get TWO free! Monthly Membership
  • Reiki Silver

    Every month
    Recurring Monthly Membership
    • Pay for 3 Reiki sessions, get one Free! Monthly Membership
  • Reiki Bronze

    Every month
    Recurring Monthly Membership
    • Pay for 2 sessions, the 3rd is 50% off! Monthly Membership

All purchases are final. Subscription will renew every month on the anniversary date of purchase unless cancelled. Plan may be cancelled at any time. Unused sessions may still be redeemed after plan cancellation. Sessions are transferrable. You must notify The Grateful Lotus that you are transferring a session to another party, and provide their information for booking. The session will not be considered "booked" until the other party confirms with The Grateful Lotus that they would like to book. Cancelled/rescheduled sessions may count against your total sessions for the month. Please do not book a session date if you think you can't keep that date. Reiki Rays earned may be used to book additional sessions for you or someone else.

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