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Distance Reiki Session *CONSULTATION*

Book a distance Reiki Healing session today

  • 15 minutes
  • Distant Session, No location

Service Description

**You are booking your appointment time for our phone consultation. There will be a second appointment for your actual session** During this time in the world, Reiki is more important than ever. You do not need to have an in person Reiki session to benefit from Reiki Healing. Reiki Healing works either in person or over vast distances. Reiki is not limited to time or space. The universal life force connects all living things together like a vast ocean. As droplets in this ocean, we are communicating with and are connected to all other droplets in this ocean on an subconscious level. Similarly, every cell in the human body has its own individual position and responsibility. However, each cell is also unequivocally connected to and is subconsciously communicating with all the other fifty-trillion cells in the body. Reiki healing is thought to work at the cellular level. It may take a minimum of 4 sessions to begin to fully see the benefits of Reiki healing. Keep that in mind when booking your single Reiki session. What you receive: * 15 minute phone/video consultation During this consultation, we will discuss when I will channel Reiki to you (time, date, etc). We can also do an oracle card pull at this time, if you wish. Once we decide on a date/time for your actual session, I will email you an invoice that must be paid before your session will be scheduled. Your invoice will be for the price of the session, $50. * 1 Reiki Session (30 minutes) Once we have settled on a time, you will relax for 30 minutes with healing music that I am going to send you and accept the Reiki I will be channeling. * Follow up email after your session been completed. During this follow up email I will ask you about your experience during the session and things you may have felt or sensed. Please be as detailed as possible in your reply. I may wish to follow up with a phone call. I will also convey any messages I received while channeling Reiki (there is no guarantee I will receive any, but if I do I will include that information).

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