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Reiki Session

Spiritual Reiki Energy healing session.

  • 1 h
  • 50 US dollars
  • Industrial Way

Service Description

This is a powerful but gentle stress relief/relaxation, spiritual healing session for women. I consider Reiki Therapy to be "Complimentary Therapy", rather than "Alternative Therapy" since it works well with modern medicine, rather than as an alternative for it. Reiki helps release blocks in our energy fields that create stress and mental/emotional/physical challenges. Reiki requires no belief, can do no harm, and is appropriate for all ages and beings, including pets and plants. Reiki Healing works either in person or over vast distances. Reiki is not limited to time or space. The universal life force connects all living things together like a vast ocean. As droplets in this ocean, we are communicating with and are connected to all other droplets in this ocean on an subconscious level. Similarly, every cell in the human body has its own individual position and responsibility. However, each cell is also unequivocally connected to and is subconsciously communicating with all the other fifty-trillion cells in the body. Reiki healing is thought to work at the cellular level. All Reiki Therapy sessions include: * Oracle Card pull and discussion: Receive a message from the Universe. * Reiki Therapy session: Energy channeling to promote relaxation and healing. * Crystals: Crystals used during session help guide Reiki and strengthen/lesson it where needed. * Energetic Chakra clearing: Charkas are the energy centers of the body. There are 7 main Chakras that I will clear during your session to promote fluid energy flow through the body. * Crystal Singing Bowls: The sound of singing bowls helps guide energy and clear the chakras.  It may take a minimum of 4 sessions to begin to *fully* see the benefits of Reiki healing. Keep that in mind when booking your single Reiki session. Clients may experience any of the following during their session: * Deep, sleeplike meditative state * Deep relaxation * Pain relief * Anxiety relief My services should never be used as an alternative to modern medicine.

Contact Details

  • 760-401-0083

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