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The Grateful Lotus 'Shoppe'

Good morning and happy (almost) autumn everyone! We are SO FREAKING CLOSE to the equinox, I can feel it! Can you feel it? I swear I "smelled" autumn when I walked out my door about 4-5 weeks ago, so I have been ready to welcome in sweater weather.

Today I wanted to talk about The Grateful Lotus Shoppe.

The Grateful Lotus Shoppe was originally started as a temporary store, a way for me to raise additional funds for an event that I was going to have a booth at. The response I received was so overwhelming that I have continued to add to the Shoppe ever since.

Inside the Shoppe, you'll find t-shirts, eBooks, tote bags, and more! Most of the Shoppe is t-shirts though :)

I want to point out and stress that ALL shirts, bags, and hats are made to order. This is not fast fashion. I don't have items sitting in a warehouse waiting to ship. This is a more economical way to sell merchandise and is better for the environment. ♥

You can check out some of the Shoppe items below:

Those are just a few of my personal fave items; there is literally so much more! Check out the whole Shoppe here:

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